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Why 40% of Marketers Leave Their Jobs Within 12 Months

by Natasha Ness on January 22, 2018 True or False: Celebrating a one year work anniversary is kind of a big deal. You’re probably leaning towards ...
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Magic Formula: Relate, Tell, Show, Do, Review, Apply

The Magic Learning Formula: Relate, Tell, Show, Do, Review and Apply

by Natasha Ness on January 3, 2018 Many organizations struggle to decide on the best way to train their employees. In order to ensure employees are ...
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Why MarTech Super Users Cause MarTech Churn

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on December 6, 2017 "We're cancelling our contract." Sincerely, CMO This is the second in a series of posts about my observations on ...
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Is Your Executive Sponsor Dead? Why Executive Training is Key to Reducing SaaS Churn

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on November 21, 2017 "We're cancelling our contract." Sincerely, CMO Before Six Bricks, I ran the consulting team at a consulting firm, LeadMD, ...
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Get to the next level with A/B Testing

How to use A/B Testing to Up your Marketing Game

by Cassie Coke on November 14, 2017 A/B Testing: A Marketer's Nightmare or the Key to Success? Most marketers have heard about A/B testing, even if ...
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3 Secrets to Make Your Software Work for You

by Cassie Coke on October 19, 2017 In my past experience as a consultant at LeadMD, I would get really nerdy about preparing software users to be ...
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