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Why MarTech Super Users Cause MarTech Churn

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on December 6, 2017 "We're cancelling our contract." Sincerely, CMO This is the second in a series of posts about my observations on ...
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Is Your Executive Sponsor Dead? Why Executive Training is Key to Reducing SaaS Churn

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on November 21, 2017 "We're cancelling our contract." Sincerely, CMO Before Six Bricks, I ran the consulting team at a consulting firm, LeadMD, ...
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Chief Marketing Officers

The Naked Truth about CMOs, Technology & Operations

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on October 18, 2017 There was a time, not too long ago, when CMOs were considered to be unshakeable. The chief marketing officer ...
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Why You Might Be Throwing Away Money on Your Hiring Program

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on August 3, 2017 Growing companies face one pesky obstacle in their path to changing the world: that whole “growing” part. Marketing organizations ...
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Simulated Environments

The Importance of Simulated Environments in Marketing

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on July 25, 2017 Commercial airline pilots can spend upwards of a month in aviation simulators before obtaining their licenses. FBI agents-in-training carry ...
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Talent: The Investment You Can’t Afford to Ignore

by Andrea Lechner-Becker on June 14, 2017 Today's Talent-Based Workforce Imagine the US workforce in 1876. America was still a relatively young country at 100 years ...
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